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Lecture notes !.


Film Studies Fresher Event!

spring breakers


American Indie Filmmaking Meets the Disney Channel

University of Worcester Film Studies is proud to present Harmony Korine’s latest (and much talked about film) Spring Breakers featuring Disney Channel favourites Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Korine is best known as the agent provocateur of contemporary American indie cinema and previous films like Kids (1995), Gummo (1997), Julian-Donkey Boy (1999) and Trash Humpers (2009) have pushed the boundaries of taste and art. It was with some surprise then that the press announced he had teamed up with one of the stars of High School Musical and the Wizards of Waverly Place.

Spring Breakers is part music video, part art film, part crime film and part holiday diary. It has to be seen to be believed.

All welcome!!

This is a free and completely optional event.

Thursday 19th September 2013,



Semester 1 Screening Schedule

All films are screened in EE 1026. Start time is 18:15. Feel free to bring a friend.

There is no admission charge.

Date  Film
24 September 2013 Pan’s Labyrinth
26 September 2013 The Wicker Man
01 October 2013 TBC
03 October 2013 La Belle et la bete
08 October 2013 King Kong
10 October 2013 My Darling Clementine
15 October 2013 Blue Velvet
17 October 2013 Sleeping Beauty (2011)
22 October 2013 TBC
24 October 2013 Alien
29 October 2013 Dance with a Stranger
31 October 2013 Excalibur
05 November 2013 To Be or Not To Be
07 November 2013 Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan
12 November 2013 Amelie
14 November 2013 Mildred Pierce
19 November 2013 TBC
21 November 2013 TBC
26 November 2013 Raiders of the Lost Ark
28 November 2013 Troll Hunter
03 December 2013 Dirty Pretty Things/Ghosts
05 December 2013 Fairytale: A True Story
10 December 2013 Candyman
12 December 2013 Kill Bill

Student Job Opportunity

Student job opportunity

We require a responsible and dedicated student to be our new digital projectionist.

This year, we will be screening a selection of course- relevant films on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (between 18:15 & 21:15) in EE 1026. A full schedule of the films will be posted outside the room shortly.

We require one responsible student to collect (and return) DVDs from relevant members of staff in advance of the screenings, to operate the DVD players and data projectors in EE 1026 (including trouble-shooting when necessary – but nothing ever goes wrong in 1026, right?),and to supervise the screening itself.

We are hoping that this will be a paid internship, but confirmation of that will be forthcoming.

We anticipate that this internship will be filled semester by semester.

So, who’s interested? (Must be current film studies student, I’m afraid)

Re-Induction for 2nd & 3rd Year Students

Film Studies Re-Induction


Welcome back!

There are a couple of changes to the programme which will effect you in different ways. This is about ensuring that you all are made aware of these changes.

All modules will be taught in single three hour blocks, once a week. No separate seminar times.

Screenings have been removed from modules, but options for seeing key films are being made available to  you in two ways:

  • Tuesday & Thursday evenings, from 18:00 – 21:00, in EE 1026, will be a free film series consisting of titles pertinent to the week’s teaching – across all three years. We hope to announce the list of screenings shortly.
  • Uniview: this is a remarkable platform which allows only Worcester students to log in and see what “off-air” titles we’ve uploaded/had recorded for you. These films can either be streamed or downloaded. Most course films will be up there for your access. www.uniview.worc.ac.uk

Worcester Weeks: regardless of what any of you (or us) think of them, they are a reality. There are three of these scheduled – w/b 21 October, 18 November and 27 January.  We are using these weeks to facilitate more dynamic academic tutoring, both individually and as a group. We’ve also booked out EE1026 for all of the first Worcester Week from noon till 9 in order to have you guys run a mini-film festival based on the idea of “Movies you must see before you die”. Film choice, schedule, marketing, running the event will all be in your hands. Let me know if you’d like to volunteer. If this event is successful, there’s no reason why we can’t do this every Worcester Week, and use different themes.

There has also been change to the teaching weeks (partially to accommodate Worcester Weeks): first semester classes resume the first week in January (w/b 6 Jan) and run for the last two weeks of a 15 credit, single semester module. Then there are two weeks of assessment followed by the third Worcester Week. Semester 2  15 credit modules begin the first week in February. So yes, you Christmas Break has been cut short; we’re all back at the coal face at the beginning of January.

That’s probably enough info to get you going. Please check back to this blog frequently to ensure you remain fully up-to-date.

Let’s all have a great year!

Mikel & Paul