Minutes of the Course Management Committee meeting (20 May, 2013)

Some of you may be asking “Why are you posting this? Who in the right mind would be interested in reading this?”

Some very good questions. The main reason is that we (the course team) need to find a method for disseminating the results of these meetings to you, the student body. It is also useful for you to see the work your StARs do at these  meetings and to read how we respond to them.

The next Course Management Committee meeting is Friday 22 November, so please be sure you raise any issues you may have with your degree with your StAR so they can bring those issues to the table.

In case you were wondering, your StARs are:

1st Year: Ryan Hogg & Ana Meresescu

2nd Year: Katie Widdop & Chelsea Burbury

3rd Year: Milda Vaiciuvenaite & Emily Bates


Film Studies Course Management Meeting


Tuesday 7th May 2013 PN G009


Present: Mikel Koven (chair), Paul Elliott, Chelsea Burbury (Year 1), Milda Vaicilivenaite (Year 2), Ruth Hammond (Year 3), Tsvetelina Ivanova (Year 3), Kat Witherall (minutes)


1.00     Welcome and apologies


Apologies were received from Nathan Cooper and Katy Widdop. MK apologised that no ILS

representative was invited to the meeting, minutes to be passed on to Masha Garybian.

MK welcomed Chelsea and Milda as new student representative, replacing previous representatives due to non-attendances, on temporary term until the elections next year. Meeting agreed that if student representatives miss two consecutive meeting, they will be replaced.

MK apologised for the lateness in organising this meeting.


2.00     Communications from the Chair

Worcester Weeks

MK explained that Curriculum 13 will be starting next year. PE advised students on how this is being rolled in over the coming years. He explained that this is University wide initiative, introducing longer 30 credit modules and there will be difference in how the first Semester is being organised. Every 5th weeks there will be a ‘Worcester Week’ which will replace reading weeks and extended Christmas break. There will be different events organised for students during the Worcester weeks, those will be degree oriented and mandatory to attend. The idea is to keep students’ experience and education continuous. The contents of the Worcester weeks have not been finalised yet but overall the first week will focus on induction and study skills, second week’s focus will be curriculum extension, perhaps in line with Worcester Film Festival, which all Film study students should be involved in as it is a great networking opportunity. Third Worcester week theme is employability and will be taken over by the Careerfest.

MK asked for student’s feedback on whether it would be more beneficial to keep Worcester weeks film studies specific or join activities with other areas. The feedback was that both versions have positives and negatives, it might be too disorganised trying to involve many areas, however it would expand networking option. Student agreed that Careerfest should be more relevant to the film studies area and not as extension of a module.

2.01     Action: Students to feed back to MK on what kind of events they would find relevant to their degree.

3.00     ILS Business


Katy Widdop has written a blog about the Hive and the problems she has experienced, her feeling is that ILS has not been addressing the issues raised by students and is only focusing on the positive feedback regarding the Hive.

The following issues were raised during the meeting:

  • Some websites have restricted access – students can request the restricted access to be revoked but this is done on individual bases.
  • There are no mac computers available, only pc’s.
  • Books are not at University standard and up to date – MK responded that decision has been made to invest more into electronic journals and less into the textbooks but up to date film studies books have been ordered.
  • Books are difficult to find – there are too many areas where film studies books are being kept in the Hive, inconsistent shelf marking system.
  • Dvd’s – where are film studies dvds kept?
  • Evening work – Katy felt unsafe working on her own in the evenings due to the drunken public members in the Hive and there being no lights as you exit the building.

ILS has sent a response to Katy’s blog saying that they are aware of the issues; students would like a response to specific concerns. MV suggested sending ILS ideas with possible practical solutions such a add lighting to the outside of the Hive etc…

Overall feeling of the meeting was that integrated community and University library does not work.

Since there was no library representative at the meeting, there is a ILS report attached to those minutes.


4.00     Course Matters

There were no other issues raised, MK reported that organising C13 has been completed with the exception of the Worcester Weeks.

5.00     Year Three Student Business

Year three students had no issues; everyone was busy with their dissertations.

PE asked if students felt prepared by the 2nd year module for their Independent Studies this year. Students felt that the preparation module was useful but did not explain well what would actually happen during the third year. Some students felt that module would have been more suited into the second year second semester. Some felt that research modules were not useful as they stand at the moment, students know how to do research after studying in the University for two years, and they found tutorials more useful to talk through the processes of the Independent study.

Careerfest – there was nothing subject related this time and students felt it should have not been mandatory as part of the module.

6.00     Year Two Student Business

FLMS2002 – taught and marked by two tutors: Barbara Mitra and Felicity Gee. Some students find that when writing their work, they need to think of whom they are writing to, rather than what they are writing about. However students were happy with being taught by two tutors, first part of lecture focusing on general information and second part more details film studies.

7.00     Year One Student Business

Students were concerned that they had not received their grades for Hollywood & beyond assignment.

Action: KW to check with DB if those have been marked.

Documentary film module – students raised concern that the films advertised on the module outline were not the ones shown during the lectures. They did not mind the change in the curriculum but would have liked to know in advance of the changes. There was also no blackboard site for this module, PowerPoint slides available.

Directors on screen modules – students were not happy with the lecturing style of the tutor, MK advised students to fill in their module feedback forms honestly, this is important as that is how the change can be implemented regarding tutors.

Hollywood & beyond – some students found the lectures difficult to follow, others enjoyed this lecturing style and found it engaging and stimulating. However seminar intake was very low. This appears to be problematic across the board, where students leave after the first break. It was suggested to take attendance after the break or twice.

8.00     AOB

MK will be removing screenings from the modules and replacing them with Tuesday and Thursday evening screening about what has been taught over the week. These will be open to other university students as well.

MK is also planning to split seminars and lectures to different days to give students opportunity to gather thoughts.

Twitter –

Degree Film Studies Twitter account has been set up #FilmStudiesWorc which is not moderated and #IHCAFLMSIS for Independent Studies.

MK is trialling out tweeting during the lecture with a special hashtag to see how it works; the idea is to create a public buzz about the module, good advertising. Students suggested having tweet breaks during the lecturers to keep it more organised.

MK thanked 3rd year student representatives for their hard work.

9.00     Date of Next Meeting

Nov/Dec 2013